UK Driver's Mock Test

U.K. Car Theory Test No. 1 - 50 Questions

What You Must Know for Driving Licence Test

This first multiple-choice test has 50 questions. You must correctly answer 43 of these questions to pass.

You need to know most of rules in the U.K. Highway Code to pass the exam. Make sure you have the latest copy. The Highway Code is also an excellent source later in life, when you need to check facts or refresh your knowledge.

How to Study for the Exam

When you study the Highway Code, use notes to rewrite information with your own words. The longer, the better.

Scribbling down facts with your own words triggers a reflecting process which helps you learn faster and better.

If possible, discuss rules, questions, and answers with a teacher or a parent. They can give you helpful advice or insights. After studying the code or handbooks, take as many practice tests as you need. Mock questions will cover all areas necessary to pass the DVSA examination. But remember, quality first, quantity second. Don't try to memorise answers. Focus on true understanding.

You will most likely miss one or two questions on each mock test. Understand why you miss a question and try to find patterns in your weaknesses. Did you read too quickly? Did you jump at an answer without reading all options? Or did you simply not know the answer?

The best learning comes from drilling your weaknesses to perfection.


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