Traffic Signs Test #5 – Easy Learning

Signs Test #5 - Easy Learning of U.K. Traffic Signs

#1: Signs have different colours and shapes for easy identification. Which colour is used for tourist destination signs?

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Tourist destinations are shown on signs with brown backgrounds.

#2: What does this warning sign mean?

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This sign, indicating road works or an obstruction in the carriageway ahead, may be used for any type of works, ranging from large construction schemes to minor maintenance.

#3: When you approach this junction, which sign could you expect to see (at A)?

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You must turn ahead. Turn only in the direction indicated by the arrow.

The sign indicates the only route that may lawfully be taken through a junction.

#4: Which sign indicates that traffic queues are likely?

Traffic queues likely ahead.

#5: Which sign is placed on traffic islands and tells you that you may pass either side?

The pass either side sign is used on traffic islands, usually situated in one-way roads. Drivers may pass either side of the sign to reach the same destination immediately beyond.

#6: Which sign tells you there are soft verges ahead?

Soft verges.

#7: What does this sign mean?

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Roundabout ahead.

The roundabout warning sign is used only for true roundabouts. Slow down and be prepared to give way.

#8: Which sign tells you that the dual carriageway ends ahead?

End of dual carriageway. The sign indicates the resumption of two-way traffic on a single carriageway road after a length of dual carriageway.

#9: Which sign is this?

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The plate shows the maximum speed advised.

#10: Which sign tells you that pedestrians frequently use a road without proper footways?

Where pedestrians frequently use a road without proper footways, this sign is used to warn drivers of the likely presence of pedestrians in the carriageway.



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