Traffic Signs Test #5 – Easy Learning

Signs Test #5 - Easy Learning of U.K. Traffic Signs

#1: What does a sign with this shape and colour mean?

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A Give Way sign is a downward pointing triangle. It is red and white with black letters. Slow down as you approach this sign. Look to the left and the right. Give way to traffic on the main road.

#2: Which sign advises you to follow a route diversion?

Where, in an emergency, it is necessary to close a section of motorway or other main road to traffic, a temporary sign may advise drivers to follow a diversion route. To help drivers navigate the route, black symbols on yellow patches may be permanently displayed on existing direction signs, including motorway signs. On all-purpose roads, the symbols may be used on separate signs with yellow backgrounds.

#3: What does this sign mean?

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This is a regulatory No U-turn sign. It means that you are not allowed to make a U-turn.

#4: What does this sign mean?

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The side winds sign is used where vehicles are suddenly exposed to risk from strong winds. Such locations may include exposed bridges or places where vehicles emerge from cuttings in areas which are particularly prone to high winds.

#5: Know signs by their shapes and colour. Which shape tells you not to do something?

Most regulatory signs are circular or round. Stop and Give Way signs are exceptions to this rule. Blue circles generally give a mandatory instruction and red rings or circles tell you what you must not do.

#6: Which sign tells you there is an opening or swing bridge ahead?

Opening or swing bridge.

#7: What does this sign mean?

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Priority must be given to vehicles from the opposite direction on a narrow length of road.

#8: What does this sign indicate?

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Contraflow systems mean that you may be travelling in a narrower lane than normal and with no permanent barrier between you and oncoming traffic. Keep a good distance from the vehicle ahead and observe any temporary speed limits.

#9: What does this warning sign mean?

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This sign, indicating road works or an obstruction in the carriageway ahead, may be used for any type of works, ranging from large construction schemes to minor maintenance.

#10: Which sign marks a place where slow-moving pedestrians are likely to cross the road?

The sign is used at sites where many slow-moving pedestrians are likely to cross a road other than at a Zebra or signalled crossing.



Easy Learning of All Traffic Signs

This is a free and easy learning resource to help you pass the DVSA examination. The quiz has 10 questions about traffic signs that you can see on the roads in United Kingdom. You will your result at the end of the quiz.

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