Traffic Signs Test #5 – Easy Learning

Signs Test #5 - Easy Learning of U.K. Traffic Signs

#1: This sign usually marks:

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No entry for vehicular traffic, including pedal cycles (usually indicates the end of a one-way road where all traffic is travelling in the other direction)

#2: Which sign prohibits right turns?

This is a regulatory no right turn sign. It means that you are not allowed to make a right turn.

#3: This sign prohibits:

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The sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles.

#4: This traffic sign means:

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End of motorway. Traffic on motorways usually travels faster than on other roads, obey speed limits when leaving the motorway.

#5: Which sign indicates a railway level crossing which is equipped with gates or barriers?

This sign is used on the approach to a railway level crossing which is equipped with gates or barriers. It is also used at a tramway crossing if barriers are provided.

#6: What does this sign mean?

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The side winds sign is used where vehicles are suddenly exposed to risk from strong winds. Such locations may include exposed bridges or places where vehicles emerge from cuttings in areas which are particularly prone to high winds.

#7: Which sign gives you advance warning of a double bend ahead?

Double bend first to the left. The sign is used where bends of similar severity follow in close proximity.

#8: Which sign indicates that the road ahead narrows ahead?

Road narrows on both sides. Road narrows signs give warning that the existing carriageway width becomes restricted. Signs may supplemented by a single traffic fileplate.

#9: Which sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles, except solo motorcycles?

The sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles.

#10: Which of the following may apply when dealing with this hazard?

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In winter, streams are likely to flood. In extremely cold weather, they could ice over. Assess the situation carefully before you drive through. Be aware that water may hide a depth gauge.

After this hazard, test your brakes at the first safe opportunity by pushing gently on the brake pedal to make sure that they work. If they are not fully effective, gently apply light pressure while driving slowly. This will help to dry them out.

Highway code rule: 121.



Easy Learning of All Traffic Signs

This is a free and easy learning resource to help you pass the DVSA examination. The quiz has 10 questions about traffic signs that you can see on the roads in United Kingdom. You will your result at the end of the quiz.

There is a wide range of traffic signs and signals that you need to learn before you can pass the DVSA examination. Each of these easy learning tests can help you determine if you are ready for the final DVSA exam or not.

The traffic signs tests can also be used by anyone who wants to brush up their knowledge about U.K. signs and signals.

Remember, each test picks random questions from a larger pool of questions.

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