Traffic Signs Test #5 – Easy Learning

Signs Test #5 - Easy Learning of U.K. Traffic Signs

#1: This traffic sign means:

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Buses and cycles only.

#2: Which sign is placed on traffic islands and tells you that you may pass either side?

The pass either side sign is used on traffic islands, usually situated in one-way roads. Drivers may pass either side of the sign to reach the same destination immediately beyond.

#3: You approach this road sign. What should you expect ahead?

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Traffic calming schemes can employ a variety of measures, including road humps and narrowings. Warning signs often indicate the type of measure to be expected.

Highway code rule: 153.

#4: Which sign tells you there are soft verges ahead?

Soft verges.

#5: Which sign tells you that the dual carriageway ends ahead?

End of dual carriageway. The sign indicates the resumption of two-way traffic on a single carriageway road after a length of dual carriageway.

#6: What does this sign mark?

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Tourist destinations may be shown on separate signs with brown backgrounds, or on brown panels incorporated into other direction signs.

#7: What is the background colour on countdown markers on a motorway?

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Most motorway signs, including countdown markers, have a blue background with white lettering.

#8: What does a sign with this shape and colour mean?

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A Give Way sign is a downward pointing triangle. It is red and white with black letters. Slow down as you approach this sign. Look to the left and the right. Give way to traffic on the main road.

#9: When you see this sign, what should you expect ahead?

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Steep hill upwards.

#10: What is the meaning of this sign?

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The sign indicates an alternative route (straight) to take to avoid a low bridge.



Easy Learning of All Traffic Signs

This is a free and easy learning resource to help you pass the DVSA examination. The quiz has 10 questions about traffic signs that you can see on the roads in United Kingdom. You will your result at the end of the quiz.

There is a wide range of traffic signs and signals that you need to learn before you can pass the DVSA examination. Each of these easy learning tests can help you determine if you are ready for the final DVSA exam or not.

The traffic signs tests can also be used by anyone who wants to brush up their knowledge about U.K. signs and signals.

Remember, each test picks random questions from a larger pool of questions.

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