Traffics Signs Test #4 – DVSA Exam Help

Signs Test #4 - DVSA Exam Help

#1: This sign is placed at which type of crossing?

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The sign is used only at Zebra crossings.

#2: What does this sign mean?

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Soft verges.

#3: Which sign gives you advance warning of a bend to right ahead?

Advance warning of a bend which a driver might find difficult to negotiate without slowing down and the severity of which cannot easily be seen either by day or by night.

#4: What does this sign mean?

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The sign is used to warn of the likelihood of encountering children in the road ahead, going to a school or playground.

#5: What does this sign tell you?

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Proceed in the direction of the arrow. The sign indicates the only route that may lawfully be taken through a junction.

A sign like this may point horizontally to the left or to the right, or vertically upwards.

#6: What does this sign mean?

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The national speed limit for the type of road and class of traffic applies.

#7: Which traffic signs have this triangle shape?

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There are three basic types of traffic sign: regulatory signs that tell you what to do, warnings signs that warn, and information and direction signs. Each type has a different shape. Triangles are warning signs.

#8: Which sign marks segregated pedal cycle and pedestrian route?

Separated track and path for pedal cycles and pedestrians.

#9: What does this sign mean?

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The low-flying aircraft sign is used on roads skirting or in the vicinity of airfields where road users are likely to be startled by low-flying aircraft or by sudden noise from aircraft.

#10: Which sign tells you that ridden or accompanied horses are prohibited from using the road?

The sign prohibits horses, both ridden and accompanied. It might be used to protect a route intended for use by pedestrians and cyclists only.



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