Traffic Signs Test #3 – More Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs Test #3 - More Traffic Signs

#1: This traffic sign means:

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Waiting restrictions are indicated by both signs and road markings. The restrictions usually apply to the whole of the highway, including verges and footways.

Drivers may stop to pick up or set down passengers and, where not prohibited, to load and unload.

#2: You approach a road narrowing. Which road sign tells you to give priority to oncoming traffic?

Priority through a narrowing may be controlled by signs and give way markings. It is essential that you obey signs indicating priority to vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Highway code rule: 153.

#3: Which sign tells you that pedestrians are prohibited from using the road?

Pedestrians prohibited. The signs is likely to be used in urban areas where roads do not have any frontage development or footways. The sign might also be appropriate where pedestrians are able to gain access to a tram-only route.

#4: What is the background colour on signs indicating hospitals without accident and emergency facilities?

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Hospitals without accident and emergency facilities are indicated by blue signs.

#5: What does this sign mean?

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Where pedestrians frequently use a road without proper footways, this sign is used to warn drivers of the likely presence of pedestrians in the carriageway.

#6: This traffic sign means:

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End of restricted parking zone.

#7: Which sign indicates that no vehicles, except pedal cycles being pushed by hand, are allowed?

This sign means no vehicles - except pedal cycles being pushed by hand.

#8: Which sign tells you that you must turn either left or right on the road ahead?

T-junction sign. You must turn left or right ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop and give way.

#9: What does this sign mean?

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This is a regulatory Speed Limit sign. It shows the minimum speed you are allowed to travel.

Where a minimum speed limit is introduced, this will be in addition to the maximum or national speed limit in force.

#10: This sign prohibits goods vehicles over a certain:

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No vehicles or combinations of vehicles over maximum length shown.



More Traffic Signs Questions

This is a simple and excellent practise for the DVSA examination and for self-evaluation. 10 questions about common signs. Answers are shown at the end of the test.

Each traffic signs test helps you determine if you have covered all necessary traffic signs and if you are ready for the final exam or not.

The traffic signs tests are good for anyone who wants to brush up their knowledge about U.K. driving rules.

If you are uncertain of some of the signs, get a copy of Know Your Traffic Signs. It contains all highway code signs you need to know.

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