Traffic Signs Test #3 – More Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs Test #3 - More Traffic Signs

#1: Which sign tells you there is a staggered junction ahead?

Staggered junction ahead. Look carefully in all directions for vehicles about to cross your path.

#2: What does a sign with eight sides mean?

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The eight-sided shape is exclusively used for stop signs.

#3: Which sign is this?

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This is a regulatory speed limit sign. It shows the maximum speed you are allowed to travel.

#4: Which sign marks crossroads ahead?

Crossroads sign. Take extra care at road junctions. Make sure there are no vehicles about to cross your path.

#5: This traffic sign means:

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Mandatory with-flow pedal cycle lane.

Other vehicles must not use this part of the carriageway except to pick up or set down passengers. Hours of operation may be shown.

#6: What does this sign mean?

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Water course alongside road.

#7: Where is this sign placed?

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The sign is used only at Zebra crossings.

#8: In which situation are you allowed to go beyond this sign?

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Vehicles must not go beyond the sign.

The sign may be placed only by a police officer in uniform or a person acting under the instructions or authority of the chief officer of police. The sign gives an instruction to drivers not to proceed beyond it. It may be placed on a highway for a period not exceeding seven days.

#9: You approach a road narrowing. Which road sign tells you to give priority to oncoming traffic?

Priority through a narrowing may be controlled by signs and give way markings. It is essential that you obey signs indicating priority to vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Highway code rule: 153.

#10: Which sign tells you there is a hump bridge ahead?

Hump bridges are mainly found on rural roads where the road goes over a stream. A high hump can hide oncoming vehicles from view.



More Traffic Signs Questions

This is a simple and excellent practise for the DVSA examination and for self-evaluation. 10 questions about common signs. Answers are shown at the end of the test.

Each traffic signs test helps you determine if you have covered all necessary traffic signs and if you are ready for the final exam or not.

The traffic signs tests are good for anyone who wants to brush up their knowledge about U.K. driving rules.

If you are uncertain of some of the signs, get a copy of Know Your Traffic Signs. It contains all highway code signs you need to know.

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