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Online Learning - U.K. Traffic Signs Test #2

#1: This sign means:

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Advance warning of a bend which a driver might find difficult to negotiate without slowing down and the severity of which cannot easily be seen either by day or by night.

#2: What does this sign tell you?

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Priority must be given to vehicles from the opposite direction on a narrow length of road.

#3: What does this sign mean?

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Shared route for pedal cycles and pedestrians.

#4: What does this sign mean?

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Traffic merges from the left. The sign is used where two physically separated streams of traffic proceeding in the same direction join the same carriageway.

#5: This sign means:

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Pedestrians prohibited.

The signs is likely to be used in urban areas where roads do not have any frontage development or footways. The sign might also be appropriate where pedestrians are able to gain access to a tram-only route.

#6: This traffic sign means:

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The red cross means no stopping, not even to pick up or set down passengers.

The sign is used to indicate a 24-hour clearway (usually on a rural road) or may be incorporated into other signs with the words No stopping.

#7: Which sign tells you there is a water course alongside road?

Water course alongside road.

#8: What does this sign mean?

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Mandatory contra-flow pedal cycle lane (the upward arrows indicate the number of traffic lanes available).

#9: Which sign indicates the minimum speed to use?

This is a regulatory Speed Limit sign. It shows the minimum speed you are allowed to travel. Where a minimum speed limit is introduced, this will be in addition to the maximum or national speed limit in force.

#10: When you see this sign, what should you expect ahead?

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Steep hill downwards.



Online Learning for the DVSA Car Test

Another online learning quiz with traffic signs questions unique to this website. Questions are drawn from a larger bank of test questions, so each time you’ll see slightly different questions.

You’ll get 10 questions about common U.K. traffic signs. Learn what they mean and what to do when you see them.

On this online learning quiz, you should answer at least 9 of the 10 questions correctly. Take as many times as you need and as often as you like.

If you make too many mistakes on this test, study Know Your Traffic Signs which has all highway code signs you need to learn.

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