Traffic Signs Test #2 – Online Learning

Online Learning - U.K. Traffic Signs Test #2

#1: You approach this traffic sign. It means

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End of 20 mph zone and start of 30 mph speed limit.

Highway code rule: 153.

#2: What does this warning sign mean?

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Long low vehicles may be at risk of grounding.

#3: What does this sign mean?

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Hump bridges are mainly found on rural roads where the road goes over a stream.

A high hump can hide oncoming vehicles from view.

#4: What does this sign mean?

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The ice sign are intended for use as temporary signs when a route is unusually dangerous as a result of extensive icing or heavy snowfalls.

#5: What is the background colour on countdown markers on a primary route?

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Roads other than motorways are referred to as all-purpose roads. Those of national and regional importance are called primary routes. Direction signs and countdown markers on these roads have green backgrounds.

#6: What does this sign mean?

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Two-way traffic.

The two-way traffic sign indicate the resumption of two-way traffic on a single carriageway road after a one-way road.

#7: What does this sign mean?

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Hospital with no accident and emergency facilities ahead.

#8: What does this sign prohibit?

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The sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles except solo motorcycles.

#9: Which sign tells you there is a tunnel ahead?

Advance warning of a tunnel. If the tunnel is controlled by wig-wag signals, the sign is supplemented by a plate.

#10: What does this sign mean?

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Mandatory contra-flow pedal cycle lane (the upward arrows indicate the number of traffic lanes available).



Online Learning for the DVSA Car Test

Another online learning quiz with traffic signs questions unique to this website. Questions are drawn from a larger bank of test questions, so each time you’ll see slightly different questions.

You’ll get 10 questions about common U.K. traffic signs. Learn what they mean and what to do when you see them.

On this online learning quiz, you should answer at least 9 of the 10 questions correctly. Take as many times as you need and as often as you like.

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