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Online Learning - U.K. Traffic Signs Test #2

#1: Which sign means no entry?

No entry for vehicular traffic, including pedal cycles (usually indicates the end of a one-way road where all traffic is travelling in the other direction)

#2: What does this sign tell you?

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Priority must be given to vehicles from the opposite direction on a narrow length of road.

#3: This sign means:

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Pedestrians prohibited.

The signs is likely to be used in urban areas where roads do not have any frontage development or footways. The sign might also be appropriate where pedestrians are able to gain access to a tram-only route.

#4: What does a sign with this shape and colour mean?

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This is the shape and colour of a stop sign. You must stop behind the line at a junction with a stop sign and a solid white line across the road. Wait for a safe gap in the traffic before you proceed.

#5: What is the background colour on countdown markers on a primary route?

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Roads other than motorways are referred to as all-purpose roads. Those of national and regional importance are called primary routes. Direction signs and countdown markers on these roads have green backgrounds.

#6: What does this sign mean?

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Staggered junction ahead.

Look carefully in all directions for vehicles about to cross your path.

#7: You are driving in a tunnel and see this sign. What does it mean?

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The sign indicates the direction to emergency pedestrian exit. If you must evacuate leave a tunnel by an emergency exit, do so as promptly as you can. Follow signs directing you to an exit point.

#8: This traffic sign means:

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You must turn left ahead.

A sign like this tells you that vehicular traffic must turn ahead in the direction indicated by the arrow.

#9: To avoid a low bridge or overpass ahead, you must:

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The sign indicates an alternative route (straight) to take to avoid a low bridge.

Route numbers in brackets are roads that will be reached by following the route indicated.

#10: Signs have different colours and shapes for easy identification. What is brown used for?

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Tourist destinations are shown on signs with brown backgrounds.



Online Learning for the DVSA Car Test

Another online learning quiz with traffic signs questions unique to this website. Questions are drawn from a larger bank of test questions, so each time you’ll see slightly different questions.

You’ll get 10 questions about common U.K. traffic signs. Learn what they mean and what to do when you see them.

On this online learning quiz, you should answer at least 9 of the 10 questions correctly. Take as many times as you need and as often as you like.

If you make too many mistakes on this test, study Know Your Traffic Signs which has all highway code signs you need to learn.

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