Traffic Signs Test #1 – Signs You Must Know

U.K. Traffic Signs Test #1

#1: What does this sign mean?

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Double bend first to the left.

The sign is used where bends of similar severity follow in close proximity.

#2: What does this sign prohibit?

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The sign prohibits towed caravans. It is typically placed at difficult hills or narrow roads where an alternative route is available.

It could also be used to protect unsuitable roads close to a touring caravan site.

#3: This sign tells you:

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Proceed to the left, in the direction of the arrow. The sign indicates the only route that may lawfully be taken through a junction.

A sign like this may point horizontally to the left or to the right, or vertically upwards.

#4: Which sign tells you that you are approaching a pedestrian crossing without traffic signals?

The sign is used only at Zebra crossings.

#5: Which sign indicates that traffic moves in one direction only?

The one-way traffic sign requires vehicles to proceed in one direction only.

#6: This sign means:

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Entrance to a zone where a 20 mph speed limit is enforced by traffic calming measures. There may be no 20 mph repeater signs within the zone.

Highway code rule: 153.

#7: What does this sign mean?

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Crossroads sign.

Take extra care at road junctions. Make sure there are no vehicles about to cross your path.

#8: What does this sign mean?

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No left turn.

#9: This traffic sign means:

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Riding of pedal cycles prohibited.

#10: Signs have different colours and shapes for easy identification. What is the standard colour for junction signs on the motorway?

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Blue is used for information signs and for direction signs on motorways.



Check Your Knowledge of U.K. Traffic Signs

This quick traffic signs quiz will help you learn some common British traffic signs. You’ll get the correct answers after the quiz. If your answer is wrong, there is usually a brief description explaining the sign.

If you make too many mistakes on this test, we recommend you get a copy of Know Your Traffic Signs which contains all highway code signs you need to learn. It’s a good idea to keep this booklet handy.

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