Traffic Signs Test #1 – Signs You Must Know

U.K. Traffic Signs Test #1

#1: This traffic sign means:

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No through road except for pedal cycles.

#2: Which sign tells you that stopping, not even to pick up or set down passengers, is prohibited?

The red cross means no stopping, not even to pick up or set down passengers. The sign is used to indicate a 24-hour clearway (usually on a rural road) or may be incorporated into other signs with the words No stopping.

#3: This sign tells you:

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This is a regulatory Speed Limit sign. It shows the minimum speed you are allowed to travel.

Where a minimum speed limit is introduced, this will be in addition to the maximum or national speed limit in force.

#4: What is the meaning of this sign?

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No overtaking.

The sign is used where forward visibility makes overtaking hazardous and the prohibition is not dealt with by double white lines. No overtaking signs might also be used at road works.

#5: What does this sign mean?

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The keep left sign is a regulatory sign, which indicates to drivers that they must pass the sign on the side indicated.

#6: Signs have different colours and shapes for easy identification. What is the rectangular shape generally used for?

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The rectangle is generally used for information and direction signs.

Blue rectangles are used for information signs except on motorways where blue is used for direction signs.

Green rectangles are used for direction signs on primary routes.

White rectangles are used for direction signs on non-primary routes, or for plates used in combination with warning and regulatory signs.

#7: This sign means:

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Road narrows on both sides.

Road narrows signs give warning that the existing carriageway width becomes restricted. Signs may supplemented by a single traffic fileplate.

#8: This sign prohibits goods vehicles over a certain:

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Prohibition of goods vehicles exceeding the maximum gross weight indicated (7.5 tonnes).

#9: Which shape is used for stop signs?

The eight-sided shape is exclusively used for stop signs.

#10: What are these signs?

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Countdown markers may be provided on the approach to a level crossing. These divide the distance between the advance warning sign and the stop line into three equal parts.

Unlike the countdown markers on the approach to a junction, the bars do not represent intervals of 100 yards, as the warning sign will usually be less than 300 yards from the crossing.



Check Your Knowledge of U.K. Traffic Signs

This quick traffic signs quiz will help you learn some common British traffic signs. You’ll get the correct answers after the quiz. If your answer is wrong, there is usually a brief description explaining the sign.

If you make too many mistakes on this test, we recommend you get a copy of Know Your Traffic Signs which contains all highway code signs you need to learn. It’s a good idea to keep this booklet handy.