Traffic Signs Test #1 – Signs You Must Know

U.K. Traffic Signs Test #1

#1: What does this sign mean?

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The keep left sign is a regulatory sign, which indicates to drivers that they must pass the sign on the side indicated.

#2: What does this sign mean?

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Temporary lane closure. The number and position of arrows and red bars may be varied according to lanes open and closed.

#3: What does this sign mean?

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The falling or fallen rocks sign is used where there is a danger of rocks falling onto a road.

#4: What is the meaning of this sign?

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Traffic signals ahead.

#5: This sign means:

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Other danger ahead. The sign conveys no specific message on its own. It is always used together with a supplementary plate, describing the hazard.

#6: This traffic sign means:

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No through road except for pedal cycles.

#7: Which sign tells you that you should expect merging traffic from the left?

Traffic merges from the left. The sign is used where two physically separated streams of traffic proceeding in the same direction join the same carriageway.

#8: This sign means:

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Mandatory with-flow pedal cycle lane ahead.

Additional plate may show hours of operation.

#9: What does this sign indicate?

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Waiting restrictions are indicated by both signs and road markings. The restrictions usually apply to the whole of the highway, including verges and footways.

Drivers may stop to pick up or set down passengers and, where not prohibited, to load and unload.

#10: What is the background colour on signs indicating hospitals with accident and emergency departments?

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Hospitals with accident and emergency departments, or minor injury units, are indicated by red signs. The words not 24 hrs. are omitted when facilities are available at all times.



Check Your Knowledge of U.K. Traffic Signs

This quick traffic signs quiz will help you learn some common British traffic signs. You’ll get the correct answers after the quiz. If your answer is wrong, there is usually a brief description explaining the sign.

If you make too many mistakes on this test, we recommend you get a copy of Know Your Traffic Signs which contains all highway code signs you need to learn. It’s a good idea to keep this booklet handy.

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