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You can now connect with UK driver’s mock test on Facebook for news and information on driving theory exam to get your British Driving Licence. We will regularly post new questions and articles about safe driving on our blog and Facebook page.

About UK Driver’s Mock Test

We give you unlimited online mock theory tests to help you be successfully pass the real DSA test. Our questions are developed by experienced and skilled driving experts. We have more than 1,200 questions based on real tests and the official UK Highway Code. You don’t have to pay or give up your privacy. All tests are completely free with no gimmicks.

This is a great way to practise and get you ready for your theory exam. You can take full tests (50 questions) or you can take several quick random theory tests with less questions. It is usually much easier to retain information if you break it up into smaller pieces and take breaks in between.

No matter what type of quiz strategy you chose, with the large amount of questions available in our database you will quickly build up knowledge and confidence.

Focus on Understanding

Focus on understanding the rules, instead of just memorizing the answers. This will give you a much better chance of passing your driving licence exam. Make sure that you go back to all questions you got wrong. It is important that you try to learn from the mistakes. Study the Highway Code and discuss with an experienced driver. Even things that seems to be just common sense can be worth talking about, since it helps you to remember.

Do You Have Questions?

Connect with us on Facebook and share our website with your friends. There is a large community out there that can help with your questions, frustration, or just the anxiety that comes with an exam.

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